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Business Care
Understand your Business Issue
Describe the issue
Identify Root Cause
Prepare a Business Improvement Plan
Understand the business objectives
Develop Strategic alternatives
Recommend Strategies and Key Actions required
Assist in implementation of the Business Improvement Plan
Define the project objectives for Key Actions
Plan the project for the Key Actions
Set up mechanism to review the project plans to ensure completion on time and within cost
Ongoing support for completion of the project plans
Assist in reviewing the progress of the business
Develop Dashboard for business review
Develop mechanism for business review
Over a century of hand on experience in
Building and growing business in India and Asia Pacific
Improving operations continuously
Handling logistics, direct and indirect taxation efficiently and effectively
Building management information system and financial advisory
Supporting in meeting FDA requirements
Unique set of skills and competences that can help you improve your business
Development of winning business strategy
Formulation of Effective and Efficient Marketing Plans
Sales and advertising development
Cost reduction and profit improvement
New product development
Quality improvement
Customer Service improvement
Inventory reduction
Logistics Cost Optimization
Excellent relationship with indirect and direct tax authorities
Cost and Management Accounting
Understanding and interpretation of complex FDA requirements
Competent and Cost Effective resources
Professionally qualified and highly experienced
Willing to work as a business partner
Result oriented
Flexible cost structure
Value for money
Understand the business issue
Discuss and approve a Business Proposal for Engagement
Discuss and agree
The Business Issue
Business Improvement Plan
Implementation Plan
Monthly Business Review Plan
Support the execution of the Implementation Plan
A Case Study of Growing Business faster profitably in Consumer Industry
Building J&J Business in Bangladesh
Taken over by J&J India in 1996 with two distributors who had large unsaleable inventory of Baby Care and Skin Care products imported from Europe at high cost with annual business less than Rs 1 Cr and incurring losses
Appointed a Business Manager from the Indian sales team based in Dhaka
Trained him in development of marketing plans and asked to develop business plans along with the two distributors
Aggressive Marketing Plans were developed and implemented for the Baby care and Skin care products
Introduced Band Aid, Tooth Brushes and Sanitary Napkins simultaneously
Increased outlets coverage aggressively
Priced products at the same price as competitors for Band-Aid, Toothbrushes and Sanitary napkins while high premium was charged for imported Skin care and Bay care products
After one year it was a disaster
- Were making more losses and they were increasing every month
- Skin Care and Band-Aid were selling well
- Inventory of Toothbrushes, Sanitary Napkins and Baby care products were increasing with sales not picking up
- Only Skin care was profitable
Actions Taken
Reviewed the Business Strategy and decided to focus in Differentiation as the strategy as we could never comate on cost with local competitors
Reviewed the products portfolio and discontinued with Toothbrushes, Band-Aid.
Decided to introduce the premium range of Sanitary napkins and discontinue with the popular products
Focused Marketing Investment on Skin Care products which were profitable and growing
Developed the lower cost sourcing of Baby Care products and reduced prices
Reduced distribution coverage in line with the product portfolio
Implemented low cost advertised with high frequency
Reviewed the Marketing plans and their implementation every quarter
Asked Distributors to continue to provide the marketing and sales staff
Losses reduced very quickly with the discontinuation of Band-Aid and Toothbrushes
Sales of Skin care picked up even more
Baby care sales started picking up
Sanitary Napkins continued to be small but profitable
Overall business went unto 10 Cr with 15% after tax profits in three years
A Case Study of Growing Business faster profitably in Pharmaceutical Industry
Growing Protinex Vanilla faster profitably in India
Protinex Vanilla was introduced in 2004 to grow the Protinex Brand in the Protinex Supplement Category
It was supported by Press Advertising and Medical Detailing to about 20000 doctors mostly Gymea and Pediatricians
With a better taste than Protinex Original, shortages pf Protinex Original, premium pricing over competing brand B Protein, It grew nicely but was not profitable due to high manufacturing cost and investment in Advertising
The growth also had slowed down in last quarter of 2006 with Protinex Original being fully availed
There were different views in the Management Team as to the effectiveness of the Press Advertisement Campaign
The prescription generation from the Medical Professional also had slowed down
After Two years it was not a disaster but nothing to be happy about
- Sales growth month of over month had stopped
- Brand was making losses every month
- Chairman of the company was very unhappy about the performance
Actions Taken
Product Positioning was reviewed and sharply focus to provide better nutrition to convalescent patients, pregnant and lactating moths a better protein supplement than the competing brand B Protein
Adverting campaign effectiveness was evaluated and decided to stop all consumer advertising
More competitive communication materials was developed to improve the prescription generation from the existing medical professional
Coverage of the medical professionals as extended to GPs in key states where B Protein was prescribed significantly
Frequency of visits was increased for the key medical professional
Sampling was more than doubled
Product cost was reduced with material and conversion cost reduction Outcome
Losses reduced very quickly with the discontinuation of advertising
Sales started growing on month to month basis
Brand became profitable