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1. How does a homeopathic remedy say Sulphur 30 or 200c works?

Sulphur, like any homeopathic remedy, will try to make your immune system to respond so that there is an overall improvement in your condition. Sulphur 30 or 200 c is highly attenuated version of Sulphur. The symptoms sent by you will be similar to the symptoms generated by the remedy in healthy persons. By giving to a person with the similar symptoms it forces the immune system to respond due to this minute external dose. This action of the immune system helps you to progress towards overall improvement

2. What can happen after I take the recommended remedy ?

After you take the remedy one of the following can happen & the subsequent actions required from you are as given below

Review the case again to find the remedy again if there is no change in the symptoms & the condition

Do not take anymore dose if you start improving. Take the next dose only when you start becoming worse after the improvement

Do not take anymore dose if you start improving after initial aggravation for a day or two. Take the next dose only after when you start becoming worse again

Antidote with Nux Vom 30c& Review the case again if you start becoming worse severely & persistently

3. Is it harmful to take more than advised dosages of the remedy?

It can be harmful in some cases to take more than advised dosages as it may initiate a severe aggravation. In such cases you should antidote the aggravation using the Nux Vom 30c. In general it is quite safe but not useful at all to take more doses than recommended. The homeopathy works on the principle of minimum dosage

4. Can I continue my current medication ?

You can continue your current medication & reduce it gradually as your condition improves with the recommended homeopathic remedy.

5. How sure are you that my condition will improve with the recommended remedy ?

The improvement in your condition is based on finding the right remedy for your current health condition from about 2000 remedies. If you have given all the relevant symptoms there is a very good chance of your condition improving. It is quite possible many times that the right remedy is discovered after a few attempts. It largely depends on the quality of the symptoms & the feedback given.

6. What are the homeopathic remedies made of ?

Homeopathic remedies are made from various plants, animals & minerals in highly attenuated forms.

7. How are the homeopathic remedies to be taken ?

All the homeopathic remedies are to be taken orally by placing them under the tongue in a clean mouth. No food or drink should be taken at least 15 minutes prior or after the medicine.

8. How much of the remedy should I buy?

You should buy the smallest size available which normally contains 50 small pills. This bottle will last you for ten doses which can last you for at least three months.

9. What precaution do I need to take while using the homeopathic remedies?

You need to avoid coffee, raw onions & raw garlic as they will antidote the positive effects of the remedy. These substances are strong remedies in themselves for certain conditions.

10. How do I know that I am feeling better?

If you are sleeping better, more at peace with your self, more happy & feel the reduction in the discomfort then you can be sure that you are feeling better.

11. Can the homeopathic remedies be taken only based on the description of symptoms claimed on the remedy container ?

The symptoms described on the container of the remedy are very generalized symptoms. The real homeopathic remedy is based on the all the specific symptoms of an individual. Hence it is not advisable to be totally guided by the commercial information on the remedy container.

12. How many pills should be taken in one dose ?

You are advised to take five small sized pills in one dose. The pills are of the size of sago or rice.

13. What are the side effects of homeopathic remedies?

There are no side effects of the homeopathic remedies if taken in minimum doses. If repeated on a daily basis the individual will start having the artificial symptoms of the remedy which will go away once you stop the remedy. There may be aggravations in some cases where the constitution has become extremely weak. In such cases also the aggravation can be antidoted by a single dose of Nux Vom 30c.

14. Are the homeopathic remedies toxic ?

Homeopathic remedies are not toxic in potencies as they have been attenuated millions of times. The basic substances from which they have been made may be toxic in tincture or pure form. A 30c potency homeopathic remedy is attenuated to 30 power of ten.

15. If I do not get the pills from the drug store, can I use the liquid ?

You can use the liquid also if you do not get the pills. Please buy the smallest bottle of the liquid of the recommended potency. Mix one drop of the liquid in a cup of water & use it as one dose.