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Altmed Ayurveda Institute Altmed Reiki Institute Altmed Acupressure institute


We are a group of Homoeopaths and Naturopaths Working  for over two Decades. We take great pleasure in passing the Miraculous art of Alternative Medicines to the people in India and Abroad. Through this Institute we teach these miraculous Sciences to all those who take interest in studying Alternative Medicine. Our Courses are Online and Detailed.

Why One should do alternative medicine (AM) courses
In Modern times due to time, money and safety factors it has become a must for every individual to to do health and fitness courses to take care of his body to his best.
Looking at the side effects of modern medicines ,Alternative medicines is a must as they don't have any side effects.
AMs cost comparatively much less than modern medicine.
Very easy to learn AMs can be learned by anyone.
AMs can be practiced on self and family at home without much requirements.
AMs have proven benefits.
AMs have fast and permanent cures.

Why one should do ALTMED INSTITUTE courses-
A person can get all Alternative Medicines courses under one roof.
We provide our students with our Diploma certificates. We also have further studies for our diploma holders.
A student can join more than one course at a time.
We provide prompt correspondence.
The Courses are online and all the correspondence is also online. No stationary is required.
The pricing of the courses is very reasonable and aims at providing the benefits of AMs to maximum number of students.
WE provide a very attractive payment system which makes it easy for all to go for our courses.

Eligibility- Everybody who has passed 10th Standard is Eligible for admission to any of the courses mentioned below. Knowledge of English language is a must for any of the courses. All the courses are in English only.

Admissions open till 30th sept 2008.


Diploma Course Name

Course Description

What is it?

Course Fees
in S $s


Diploma in  Homeopathy

This is a complete course in homeopathy. The student can treat after doing this.


Homeopathy- This is a wonderful system of medicine. In this system diseases are treated with dilutions of herbs, animals,  metals, etc; The principle of homeopathy is 'like cures like'.

Total 1000$

Duration 1 Year to 18 Months


MD Homoeopathy

This is an advanced course in Homoeopathy and includes a comprehensivesoftware to treat people. This course is of great help to a modern homoeopathic practitioner.

Homeopathy- This is a wonderful system of medicine. In this system diseases are treated with dilutions of herbs, animals,  metals, etc; The principle of homeopathy is 'like cures like'.

Fees 3000 S$ Duration 1 year


Diploma in Ayurveda / Herbal Medicine
Altmed Ayurveda Institute

This is a complete course in Ayurvedic Medicine. The student can treat after doing this.


This is a wonderful ancient system of medicine. In this herbs and  plants are used to make preparations to cure diseases This system of medicine is based on very old Vedic studies and is  very widely used.

Total 1000$
Duration 1 Year to 18 months



Altmed Reiki Institute

Reiki I, II, III, Degrees will be taught With this you can treat yourself and others.

 Reiki- Meaning mysterious power, essence. It is universal life force energy. Ray + Key. Reiki can be safely used at any time, in any place and for anything.

Total 500$
Duration is 6 Months


Reiki Master &Grandmaster

Advanced Reiki with which you can teach and treat others.


Total 400$


Diploma in Acupressure

Altmed Acupressure institute

All Pressure points, Methods, significance Etc.
Detailed course covering Basic + Advanced.

Acupressure-This is ancient & simple Chinese System of curing various Diseases caused mainly due to imbalance of negative positive forces In the body. In this therapy pressure is applied gently to various acupressure points whichrelieves the patient permanently of health problems.

Total 1000$
Duration 6 Months.


Diploma in Massage Therapy

Different types of massage and their method are taught.

This is ancient & simple Chinese System of curing various Diseases caused mainly due to imbalance of negative positive forces In the body. In this therapy pressure is applied gently to various acupressure points which relieves the patient permanently of health problems.

Total 800$

Duration is 6 Months


Diploma in Yoga Meditation & Pranayama

All postures with their procedure and benefit will be taught

Yoga ,Meditation & Pranayama- Regular practice of these exercises helps prevent all diseases.

Total 1000$
Duration is 5 Months


Diploma in Nature Cure /

Herbal cure & natural treatment will be taught

Naturopathy believes that toxemia is the principal cause of all diseases. Healing is from inside. The body has to be cleansed of all toxins from inside to bring about cure. Naturopathy uses easy, natural methods of treatment using very easily available requirements if any.

Total 1000$
Duration is 6 Months


Diploma in Gems & Color Therapy

All the gems & Colors with their benefits Properties etc. will be taught

According to Gems & Color Therapy- Diseases are due to lack/abundance of various colors & they can be cured by balancing the color requirement of the body.

Total 1000$
Duration is 6 Months


Diploma in Magneto Therapy

Types, Healing Method, Significance Etc. covered.

Magneto therapy -In this magnets of different strengths are used to cure various diseases.

Total 1000$
Duration is 6 Months


Diploma in Biochemic Medicine

All Biochemic Remedies, Their properties & effects Covered.

The inorganic constituents (salts) are the material basis of the body and are absolutely essential for its proper structure & function.Deficiency of these inorganic salts cause the disease.

Total 1000$
Duration is 6 Months


Diploma in Pranic Healing

Healing mantras and words are taught  which can elevate the energy level of our body.

Each word has its effect on our body and mind.

Total 1000$
Duration is 6 Months


Diploma in Beauty and skin

This contains how to improve on ones looks. Facial beauty, Beauty of the entire body, Hair, hands, legs, nails.

There are various herbal methods to improve the skin.

Total 1000$
Duration is 6 Months



Diploma in Aromatherapy

In this it is taught how different aromas con cure different ailments.

There are large number of aromatic preparations to treat different ailments.

Total 1000$
Duration is 6 Months


MD(Alternative Medicines)

Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Reiki, Acupressure, Magnetotheropy, Yoga therapy And Meditation, color & gems therapy, Biochemic etc; are different branches of  AlternativeMedicine . 4 of these will be taught in detail. 

These are alternative methods of treatment which are used to treat different diseases successfully. They can be used exclusively or along with modern medicine as needed by the individual.

under the special offer.
Duration is 15 Months

Optional Courses



Pathogens and effects including diseases will be taught. 




Human Anatomy

Teach details of human internal structure. Optional subject to be done before starting with other Medical courses.




Human Physiology

Teach how the human body functions.



Courses for Better Living


Feng Shui

A complete course. This science tells us how we can improve our life with minor restructuring and setting our Furniture and other things in our house and office. We also come to know about solutions to any type of problems in our life.

This enables you to organize your home so that Chi energy has free movement and is not allowed to stagnate or to accelerate too quickly. This interacts with the movement of Chi's energy with the balancing feminine and masculine characteristics of Yin and Yang; with the five Chinese elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire and with Chinese astrology.

Total 300$



A complete course Astrology is the science which tells us the effect of other Planets on our body. Solutions to various Problems in life can be found out.

With this course you can predict the future events relating to Longevity, Marriage, Children, Education Profession, Wealth, Property, Conveyances, End of Life, etc;

Total 10  00$
Duration 1 Year


Pregnancy and child care
Altmed Fertility Clinic

With this course the women can overcome the stress of motherhood.

We have treatment for easy conception. We have treatment for female and male sterility. We give special instructions for baby care and mother care after delivery.


Beauty Courses


Weight Reduction
Altmed Obesity Clinic.

This course is for very fat or very thin people. This includes Medicine, Diet & Exercises.


250$ per month



This course is for dark couloured people.

This includesHerbal medicine and 4 face packs in a month.

200$ per month


Eye Care

Aimed at removing spects &any other eye problem.


200$ per month


Skin Care

This is aimed at taking best care for your skin. It can help you get rid of any skin problem like Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Acne, Freckles, White spots, etc


200$ per month


Breast Development

This course helps in development of breasts in women.

No operation. only Exercises, Herbal Medicine, Diet, Etc;

200$ per month

The students are offered doctorate courses on successful completion of the Diploma courses.


The fees can be sent by Western union  money Transfer system .The transfer should be in the name of Dr Pratibha Singhal on the given address.

The course fees can also be sent by Chase Manhattan bank swift code.

The Course fees can also be sent by cheque. $5 is charged for cheque processing which is added to fees. Or the fees can be paid by Electronic Transfer.

The program material will be sent by e-mail. The E-mail address for correspondence is .The filled in admission form can be sent to the above E-mail address.

The student is free to join more than one course at a time.

Dr Pratibha Singhal
MBBS, MD (AM), GMM, MHM. (Hom)
Consulting Homeopath & Naturopath


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We also run the ALTMED HEALTH CARE an organization to take care of the health of the people of India and abroad. This offers Online Consultation to its Patients.