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Health Care

We are a family of homeopaths practicing in India for past many years. We have taken the benefits of this wonderful system of medicine for our own family and for our patients locally. We are now offering to help the people like you on the net cure themselves of their acute & chronic ailments by using homeopathic remedies.

The advise for health conditions is absolutely free from any kind of obligation on both the sides.

Any kind of voluntary support will be welcome which will enable this effort to sustain.

You could either identify the right remedy for your health condition by visiting our  Diseases & Conditions page or seek our advice.

To identify the right remedy yourself, you will need to select one of the diseases applicable on the Diseases & Conditions page and read through the remedies listed there to see which remedy covers your symptoms most. The remedy most suitable for you, will match your symptoms most, but may have additional symptoms listed which you need not have. This method is suitable for singular health conditions. The complicated cases of multiple diseases will require detailed case analysis. In case you need help after your own analysis, please feel free to E Mail us.

In case you decide to seek our advice, you will be required to specify your ailment as per the details specified in the Initial Information Required & advised a suitable homeopathic remedy which will need to be purchased from a local homeopathic pharmacy. If you have difficulty in getting the remedy locally, you could try the Remedy Suppliers we have listed for you.

We will need to get your feedback after a week of the first recommended dose to evaluate the progress and decide the next course of action. The feedback should at least cover the information required as per the Follow Up Information Required.

You could see our Frequently Asked Questions section if you have any more questions. If you still have any unanswered question, please feel free to E Mail us . We promise to respond to you within 24 hours in most cases.

If you are interested in learning more, you could visit the links provided on our site. We are sure, you will get a much better understanding of homeopathy.

We sincerely hope that you find some real benefit for having spent your valuable time on this site. Please feel free to E Mail us if you have any suggestion by which we could offer you or future visitors better help.

Pratibha & Arun Singhal